Honest Ingredients. Locally Sourced.

I’m committed to sourcing as many organic and local ingredients as possible from the PNW. A few examples:

San Juan Island Sea Salt
(Puget Sound)

The sea salt balancing the sweetness in my chocolates comes from Puget Sounds’ San Juan Island Sea Salt, where it’s solar evaporated during the off-season in hoop houses that are used for vegetable production.

Craic Honey Co.
(Naches, WA)

Raw, thick, and delicious, the honey in my chocolates is gathered by Craic Honey Co in Naches, Washington, where the honeybees feast on mint and raspberry flowers.

Golden Harvest Bee Ranch
(Widbey Island, WA)

The bee pollen used in the Bee Pollen and Honey Coconut Truffles comes from Golden Harvest Bee Ranch on Whidbey Island, WA.

Blue Lotus Chai
(Eugene, Oregon)

And the organic chai tea powder in the Masala Chai Honey Coconut Truffle hails from Blue Lotus Chai in Eugene, Oregon.

But of course, this is the lovely Pacific Northwest, where many of the ingredients that are needed to make chocolate cannot be sourced locally. At Soulever Chocolates, I see to it that my more exotic ingredients are produced by ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

  • The cocoa butter, liquor, and powder in my chocolates come from organic farms in Peru that are currently being fair-trade certified.
  • The organic raw coconut nectar used is harvested by The Coconut Secret in the Philippines. Made from the fresh, nutrient-rich sap of the coconut tree, this nectar is kept in its whole, raw, and alive state to maintain its full nutritional value.
  • The beans used in the Chiapas Coffee and Mexican Mocha truffles are roasted by Conduit Coffee in Seattle, organically grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico.

I source local as much as I can, to support my fellow small businesses, and it’s been great watching them grow as I have.  Also, all ingredients that start raw stay raw, to maintain as much nutritional value as possible. Those include:

While these are only a few of the many ingredients that are found in my chocolates, everything I use is selected with just as much thought and care.