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Custom Box of 15


Create your own custom box of 15 chocolates.

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Available Flavors:

Dairy Free

Toasted Coconut & Raw Honey

Honey Masala Chai Coconut

Bee Pollen, Toasted Coconut & Raw Honey

Immune Booster  – Turmeric, Ginger, Toasted Coconut & Raw Honey

Mexican Mocha – Lovers of spicy chocolate will appreciate this ardent ganache, with Ceylon cinnamon and smoked serrano chili peppers giving it a sweeter, smokier flavor, which helps to temper the smoldering cayenne at its heart.


Peruvian Dark Chocolate (V) + (O)

Peppermint Nib (V) + (O)

Sage & Olive Oil (V) + (O)

Vegan Caramel & Peruvian Dark Chocolate Ganache (V) + (O)

Orange Caramel & Peruvian Dark Chocolate Ganache (V)+ (O)

Blackberry, Nibs & Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate (V) + (O)

Pistachios, Sea Salt & Costa Rican Dark Chocolate (V) + (O)


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Weight 12 oz