Soulever Chocolates

Mexican Mocha (DF)


Box of 2

The delicious fieriness of the Mexican Mocha truffle will wake you up as it cools you down, with its sprinkle of cayenne opening your airways by dancing a Jarabe Tapatio across your tongue. Lovers of spicy chocolate will appreciate this ardent ganache, with Ceylon cinnamon and serrano chili peppers giving it a sweeter, smokier flavor, which helps to temper the smoldering cayenne at its heart. Double-dipped in Peruvian dark chocolate, each bite of this truffle will transform your mouth into a street festival in old Mexico, where pastel-colored streamers will flutter from adobe buildings, while people dressed in white linen play rustic guitars and sing wildly, with their boisterous voices echoing through the desert air, and fireworks exploding above them in the night sky.

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