Soulever Chocolates

Mexican Spice Drinking Chocolate


They say that before the Spaniards arrived, the Mayan aristocracy would drink a potent form of cacao, often blended with ground chilies and maize, that was revered for its restorative and aphrodisiac powers. Made from a mix of cocoa powder and liquor, and sweetened with ground vanilla bean and coconut sugar, Soulever?۪s creamy Drinking Chocolate is a far cry from the bitterness of its distant ancestor. But when added to your favorite milk or milk substitute, this rich and bold drinking chocolate will resonate with the magical properties of the original potion, with each sip heightening your mood as it stimulates your mind.

Cacao content- 43%

Note: Made with Organic Coconut Sugar, which is less sweet than regular sugar. So it takes a higher weight of coconut sugar to reach the same sweetness of refined sugar.

Servings: 8

Calories Per Serving without Preferred Milk: 115

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Weight 9.5 oz